Shooting water skiiers from the boat. Questions

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Re: Shooting water skiiers from the boat. Questions

Manual focus will work fine, as will either of your lenses. I shot my daughter and mother skiing (and my Aunt shot me) two weekends ago. I was using a D3 and a Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 OIS, all the way out and at f5.6 and f/8. Because it's bright daylight, I was getting 1/2000s + or - a stop for a lot of the shots with (iirc) ISO400 and still blowing out some of the foam on the white end.

Pics came out sharp, though I can't post them from my iPad.

Remember that no matter where the skier is it will always be exactly the rope length from the boat, which will vary only by the axial strain (PL/AE), which is probably about 3" max, plus whatever parallax there is between you and the pylon.

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