D800 - Can't get sharp images - focus woes

Started Aug 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
tgbs New Member • Posts: 15
Stop testing; don’t waste anymore of your time.

Hi JimFromDenmark

Your test results are very identical to my first D800, my advice to you is: return it if you can, it cannot be fixed. I send mine in for service, when it came back the left was the same as your center is now, but the center was the way your left is now and the right was somewhere in between. Incidentally I was using the same chart. After the third attempt at a fix, I confronted the manager at the service center. The result, I was offered a refund or a replacement. I am heavily invested in glass so I took the replacement. I still have a bit of out of focus on the left, but I can live with it. If one day Nikon admits that there is a problem and claims to have a sure fix, I might take it in, until that time I will not.


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