Problem with 7D v. 2.0 and EOS Utility 2.11.4

Started Aug 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Problem with 7D v. 2.0 and EOS Utility 2.11.4

EOS Utility 2.11.4 is the latest version (released 7/19/12).

I could not AF in Liveview (as in remote shooting) using EOS Utility 2.11.4 and 7D firmware 2.0. Has anyone tried AF in Liveview with 7D firmware 2.0 tethered?

katman68 wrote:

Someone posted official Canon literature on here that states you must have the newest EOS utility to use some of its features w/the 7D V2 firmware). This also applies w/DPP & other newest Canon software.. 2.11.4 is not the newest version, though it has the highest #. You must go by date release.

If you're using a Mac OS, you are facing the same dilemna as me. The newest Canon software they say you need to use for all features isn't yet compatible w/the newest Mountain Lion OS 10.8, only to Lion 10.7. Nor the 10.5 Leopard I'm using. I haven't checked to see if 10.7 is even still available from Apple, but I'm not going to fret it for now as my software features I typically use appear to be working with V2.

Whatever OS you're using, like me you need to update your Canon software and possibly your OS to do so in order to use all features.


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