Need some help with Golden Hour photography

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Re: Need some help with Golden Hour photography

Thanks for the advice folks, appreciated! I had a more successful shoot this evening. As I'm learning I'm trying to avoid relying on post-processing to get good shots. However you've both done such a good job on the sheep pic I'll go back and have a play with it in Lightroom 4 which I already own. I do shoot in RAW so it won't be a problem. I haven't tried much autobracketing but realised tonight there is a bit of a problem with it, there's no self-timer option for it and I don't have a remote trigger, so in low light I'm likely to get camera shake from the button press at those low shutter speeds.

To hotdog, thanks for all your pointers, very useful. I have a response to one to them:

A lens is almost always sharpest stopped down 2-3 stops to f/5.6 or f/8. A lens stopped all the way down to f/22 has maximum depth of field, but it is usually fairly unsharp because of diffraction at f/22. You really did not need all that depth of field in this shot--focusing 1/3 into the scene or even at infinity would have done the trick.

Do all lenses suffer from this problem at F22? As the whole point of F22 is sharpness throughout the scene why do photographers teach you to use this setting if the lenses won't make them come out sharp? Secondly, how do I make my lens focus at infinity?

I'll post some of my pics from my latest session soon for some more advice

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