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Re: em5 dandelion adapter

You really don't need the dandelion adapter. You can focus manually very well with the EVF - I don't have the OM-D but do use the EVF with an e-pl2 and it works great for manually focus with magnification.

If you are going to buy the Olympus digital zuiko 50mm macro FT lens - do not butcher it! It is one of the best lenses Olympus makes - use it on the OM-d with a FT to mFT adapter.

The dandelion adapter I bought came set with no focal length - so you can set it to whatever you want. If you want to set it and keep the adapter on one lens - no problem - it is just not a quick, intuitive (for me) process if you want to move the adapter from lens to lens and reset it.

If you must have one - just buy it from e-bay. They are cheap. Just takes a few weeks to arrive from Hong Kong. Don't take a chance on getting the measurements wrong and messing something up. Just isn't worth it.

I use regular (non-dandelion) Fotodiox adapters I order from amazon. I have several - the only one I have been disappointed in is the pentax screw mount to mFT adapter.

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