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showstoppers wrote:

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showstoppers wrote:

I'm certainly no Canon Fanboy but the cold, hard truth is that Professional Photographers (not hobbyist fanboys) can't afford to endure the latest nonsense from Nikon or any other company if they want to continue to work and get paid.

Product that is back-ordered for months and then has serious issues that they refuse to acknowledge or repair in a timely fashion is a liability for pros.

It has NOTHING to do with image quality, which I still prefer Nikon for and has everything to do with the company's ability to provide reliable product.

Sadly for a working pro, a Canon in hand > a Nikon on back order or in the shop. For them it's merely a tool, and you can't do your job with broken tools no matter how nice they could potentially be if they worked (or were available).

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If we assume that presence is about equal (which is close to the truth and the picture proves it). It is clear to ANY COMMON SENSE that Nikon is selling to pros MUCH MORE than Canon... since Canon used to have the VAST majority of the market... Hence I don't see the logic of your approach up there... where did you find Canon being the pros choice since their share has clearly decreased? If Canon used to have more than 90% of the pro market 4 years ago... and Nikon can now share an equal amount of users, clearly most of the users have changed side to Nikon... especially so if many have kept their old equipment! This is common sense.. no?


You said it yourself " since Canon used to have the VAST majority of the market.." Canon has always been the pros choice and those pros don't see a reason to replace the gear.

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Are you insane? ....what am I asking? obviously are!

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