Powershot G1 X lag between shots

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Powershot G1 X lag between shots

Since I like to shoot time lapse, I tested my new G1 X to see how much lag it has between shots. I use an intervalometer so I need to know what time intervals will work with the various shutter speeds. Since the G1 X does not have a bulb setting, I set the shutter speed then add enough time to the intervalometer interval time to cover the lag between photos so that the camera has plenty of time to take all the shots. Missed shots equal a messed up time lapse.

So for example, if I want to shoot a series of photos with a 15 second shutter speed and I want to wait 5 seconds between shots, I will set the intervalometer interval time to 20 seconds (15 second shutter speed + 5 second wait = 20 seconds). Every 20 seconds the intervalometer will trigger a new photo. However, if the camera takes more than 5 seconds to get ready for the next photo then a shot will be skipped. So I need to do my research ahead of time to make sure I know what the lag time are and then use a wait time that is at least hat long. So here are my findings:


I used a Sandisk Extreme 16GB card rated at 45MB/s for my tests. However, I spot checked with a slower Sandisk Ultra II 8GB card rated at 15MB/s. I saw no appreciable differences in lag times between these two cards.


The camera settings were the same for each shutter speed test except for shutter speed, of course. Here are the important/relevant settings:

  • Manual mode

  • Manual focus On

  • Safety MF: Off

  • MF-Point Zoom: Off

  • Review: Off

  • IS mode: Off

  • Focal length: 15mm

  • Aperure: f/2.8

  • Speed: ISO-100

  • Shoot: RAW + JPEG


To discover the lag times I set the intervalometer to take 3 photos per set. If any photos were skipped, then lag time was increased 1 second until test resulted in all 3 photos being successfully taken. BTW: I verified that my intervalometer keeps perfect time.


See complete list below, but lag times were from 5 to 9 seconds depending on shutter speed.

  • 2 sec shutter speed test: lag time was 5 sec

  • 5 sec shutter speed test: lag time was 5 sec

  • 10 sec shutter speed test: lag time was 5 sec

  • 13 sec shutter speed test: lag time was 5 sec

  • 15 sec shutter speed test: lag time was 6 sec

  • 20 sec shutter speed test: lag time was 5 sec

  • 25 sec shutter speed test: lag time was 6 sec

  • 30 sec shutter speed test: lag time was 7 sec

  • 40 sec shutter speed test: lag time was 5 sec

  • 50 sec shutter speed test: lag time was 6 sec

  • 60 sec shutter speed test: lag time was 9 sec


By lag time I mean the amount of time that must be added to the intervalometer interval to ensure no shots are missed due to the camera not being ready for the subsequent shot.


Okay this seems slow but a bit of discussion is in order. My Canon EOS T1i which is a few years old and uses the Digic 4 processor averaged about a 3 second lag time. My old Powershot G11 had lag times that were close to the G1 X, though I no longer own it so I have to rely on notes from earlier tests. So the lag time on the G1 X does seem slow, especially when compared to the EOS T1i, but it is about what the G11 exhibited. The G11 had the Digic 4 processor. I thought, was hoping, the Digic 5 processor would speed up the G1 X but apparently not, though it does deliver stunning IQ.

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