Recommend me a bag?

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Re: Recommend me a bag?

I must have got the wrong info on the Vertex, Amazon quoted the boxed weight as 3.6 and actual weight as 2kg but Lowepro quote 3.7kg which seems awfully heavy, having checked again mine appears to be 2kg in some reviews but you would have to get it second hand as it's no longer made.

The Vertex 100 AW appears to be the closest modern Lowepro equivalent at 2.29 Kg

My old CompuTrekker has carried a lot and is well able to carry a lot of stuff, I tend though to try to stick larger lenses in some deep pockets of a waterproof jacket I always carry, you can often also fit a 20D sized body in a jacket pocket too and you might even get away with a body and medium sized lens round your neck as well as the backpack

Having had a look, some of the ThinkTank products do look good and I might consider them if I were replacing my Lowepro, the Airport Essentials one in particular looks pretty good, similar in capacity to my Lowepro and is pretty light.

Danack wrote:

oss wrote:

I think your Vertex weighs in at about 2kg just for the bag, from memory I think mine comes in about 1.43kg, so I would try to go for a lighter but similar sized bag, 500 odd grams could almost equal one of those bodies.

Actually the Vertex 300 AWS is 3.7kg by itself, which is another reason why I don't particularly like it.

When travelling internationally I use a Lowepro CompuTrekker AW, it's old and I think it is a little smaller than your Vertex

I looked at a video of it on youtube. It does look a little smaller overall - but it doesn't seem to be shallower at the bottom, and is maybe slightly wider, which would probably fit my stuff better.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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