Need advice on a photo.

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Re: Need advice on a photo.

yvind Strm wrote:

You obviously are a skilled and talented photographer - from viewing your portrait portfolio. Some AWSOME shots there.
I like the way you transform people.

However, even the most skilled photographer may from time to time be in doubt about own picture, and even elevate mediocre pictures into art.

You have seen something special with this girl, and you have tried to transform her into your vision of something. But, unlike most of the other portraits of yours, I do not find it very successful. The problem is the lower part of the picture. Try holding a hand over her face, and you might see what I mean. Lots of lines and shapes that adds little to the picture.

1. The pose is very "close", or self protecting. Her right arm is too far to the opposite side for my taste. The outer edge of it also align with the outer edge of her leg, so all sense of shape of a body is lost.

2. Her left hand pose looks unnaturally, and to me do not match her expression. It might signal thoughtfulness, but the model seems more bored, or concerned. Also, the light on this hand and sleeve is a bit to light. The pointed finger is very distracting.

3. I do not see the reason for the choice of focal length, making her body so tiny.

4. I would probably also lifted her cheek a bit, to accentuate her face, and making her eyes more visible, instead of the shadow below her eyes.

I think you are right in that there is something with this girl, but you need to work more with her to make her loosen up, and give more of her self.

My advice would be to remove this image form your portfolio,
It´s called: "To kill your darlings".
Then: reshoot.

In my opinion, it does not match the extraordinary good pictures you have in your portfolio.

You have another girl portrait with a similar pose, where the little twist of her head, and that the pointed finger is more hidden, makes all the difference in the world.

I thank you for posting this, as it gave me a chance to see your excellent portfolio.
I hope you can use my comments for something.

HBowman wrote:

Not so long time ago I took this photo but the girl think people will not like it. I never counter models feelings but she's young and don't recognize here self in this photo (at first it was the goal). Outside my staging, she's a goofy teen with teens habits. I think she's wrong because I do think this photo have "something". On this photo she have a bit of a mix between a writer and Janis Joplin IMHO. Do you think it deserve her ? I need frank and direct evaluation.

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Thank you very much Yvind.

And... You are right. No doubt is allowed in my production and I should accept that sometimes I do not really please the ppl I shoot. This was the first time, I should deal with it and move. I store this photo in my archival.

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