Macro add-ons for the Canon 100 2.8(non-IS)

Started Aug 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
kidcharles Regular Member • Posts: 245
Re: Macro add-ons for the Canon 100 2.8(non-IS)

selwynbr wrote:

Thank you. This is very informative. I'm going to look into the ETs & front attached close-up lenses. I actually have the Kenco 1.4 extender, but never tried it with this lens. Loss of aperture with macro is not a problem. Can the front attached lenses be used in conjunction with the extender & does anyone do this?

Definitely try out your Kenko 1.4x. I've used it with the 100mm f/2.8 and noticed very little image quality reduction (you might see some purple fringing at the edges of bright white areas).

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