Just tried out my new 9-18mm

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Re: Interesting how-to on using ultra wide angle

peevee1 wrote:

Would not he achieve approximately the same result as getting close by NOT using the widest angle possible, plus avoid unnatural side-stretching artifacts of ultra-wides as a bonus?

Well, not really. A slightly different focal length will result in a slightly different composition, even if the statue took the same amount of space in the frame. You'd get less of the background in the shot (the degree of how much will depend on how different the focal length is), in addition to less side-stretching. Here're a couple links that demonstrate the difference pretty well:


Until I got my 9-18 I didn't realize how much of a creative choice focal length was. It's not just how zoomed in I can get: it's just as much of a creative choice as aperture and shutter speed to me.

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