M43 vsFZ150

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from the jpeg samples they posted the low iso noise is still too high for my tastes.

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Anyone here has any experience with both? Considering the new FZ200 will have the 2.8, what would be the advantage of getting the m43 system vs FZ200 for someone who is starting from scratch with no lenses? Strickly family/travel use

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I really think the FZ200 will be a game changer with its faster lens and improved higher resolution EVF or same as G series. Several years ago Pany produced similar high powered superteles with constant f2.8 but with less range and larger size but I always disliked the low resolution EVF viewing.

As for IQ at the tele end I am most interested in the center IQ for animal photography and less on the edge performance so no problem there. Also the FZ200 appears to be exceptionally useful for HD video. As for size try comparing to a m4/3 with a f2.8 tele zoom lens if there even was one.

The FZ150 lens and sensor have proved to be very good so I hope same holds true for the new one for the FZ200. For compactness I have gone the other route for my casual travel photography and use the compact ZS15 travel zoom which uses the same excellent FZ150 processor only with 16X range and with intellegent zoom extends to 32X with little degradation. Most reviews I have read including DPRs own place the ZS15 at the head of its class for IQ and performance even if less featured and costs less. The ZS15 of course lacks RAW and works best in its intelligent mode as as changing some parameters harder to find at first and not as easy as previous ZSx or TZs I own.

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