Help needed - want to take honeymoon photos that don't stink!

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Re: Help needed - want to take honeymoon photos that don't stink!

spoonelli wrote:

ISO and Program Modes - Set it to A800 and S-Priority. Watch your shutter speed. 800 puts you one stop over where the camera starts to cook Noise Reduction into the on-board image processing. Jump to 1600 and 3200 only when absolutely needed.

Another good one. I made the mistake of not bumping it up at a wedding recently when i really should have.

As you've probably read here and in the other threads, the latest Firmware 1.2 announced today should address some of this "dangerously low shutter speed" selection by the camera's logic. Worth installing and field-testing before the big trip!

White Balance decisions (i.e., mostly incandescent lighting + incandescent WB will "neutralize" the yellow color cast).

If i'm shooting NEF, can i focus on just doing this in post?

Yep, you can fix this in post-process. I try to address it in the field, cuts down on the amount of mouse-clicks, but that's the old-school in me. It's not a fatal choice by any means.

I'm sure this is shared by everyone else here, but Best Wishes to you both, and we hope you'll share some of your photo "take" when you get back!

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