NEX any good for product photography?

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Re: NEX any good for product photography?

NEX will work fine, but Alpha would be a better choice for product shots IMO, even a lower-end SLT model.


NEX: No wired remote capability. IR remote places sensor on the front of the camera, so largely useless for product photos.

Alpha: Wired and wireless remotes available.

Tripod operation:

NEX 5, 7: Not ideal for tripod use. NEX-5 has minimal contact area (ie hard to lock down), and it can be tricky to access the flash card from a 7 while it's mounted on a tripod.

Alpha: No problem at all, just remember to turn Steadyshot off.

Depth of field preview:
NEX: Always displays at taking aperture
Alpha: Has depth of field preview button which I prefer for this application.

Manual control:

NEX 7: Decent once configured for it, but nevertheless there's a fair amount of button pushing involved in getting manual ISO, white balance, focus, etc.

Alpha: Dedicated dial sets camera to "M" mode, and likewise there's a simple switch for AF/MF.


Not much experience here, but the lower-end NEX cameras don't even have provisions for off-camera flash.

I own NEX-5, NEX-7 and Alpha SLT-A35, and although I can get similar results from all, the Alpha is my preferred camera for product shots.

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