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Re: Some from me...

Hi Ananda,

Thanks so much for the feedback.


AnandaSim wrote:
I own a EPL1, Elliot and a Pany G2

Elliot H wrote:

Hi Michael, how are you.

Lovely pictures.

May I ask how you like the epl2.

does it focus quickly enough in lower light and how
do you compare it to other cameras you might have used.

The PL1 and PL2 are slow focussing. Because Olympus had other priorities. And low light, they don't have an AF Assist lamp.

With Generation 3 - E-PM1, PL3, P3, Olympus now has faster scanning AF in the sensor so these cameras focus much, much faster. The PM1 is very cheap. The OM-D in addition has an even better sensor and has an AF assist lamp for low light.

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