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Re: Please guys: don't feed this one

Also don't listen to people like this, this reply from his end is a standard form of dealing with people that want to shake the system:

  • they either label you as a troll

  • drunk or insane

  • dangerous

In a nice, metrosexual way trying to herd the majority. I'm talking to the individuals out there with common sense and logic to form their own opinions, you might be just 1 real person - don't fall for these guys, they fight for every single vote. Their machinery can't be disrupted, it has to stay oiled.

tashley wrote:

Please everyone, please, don't feed this one: the last thing we need is another 150 long thread dedicated to people shouting at each other, started with nothing but that intention in mind.

Let's see if THIS post can be the last one in the thread and that it sinks off the chart quickly. Please? This place could be so constructive and useful.

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