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Re: When I woke this morning I promised myself that nothing

God knows how much the 5D MKIII markup is, I believe Canon makes a LOT MORE PROFIT than NIKON on that toycam, since they invested 0 (ZERO) in new sensor R&D unlike Nikon/Sony.

Don't be amazed that all so called "photographer" evangelists like Ken Donatemewell, and few others now prefer the 5D MKIII and badmouth the D800, it's because the HIGH $$$ being paid to these people to keep the machine running. It's easy as that, pay a few apes on the forums to spam for "problems" pay the so called experts to promote your product and you have a solid marketing strategy.

I know this forum as well as other forums are frequented by lurkers that never post, trust me, the D800 is amazing, I'm sick of the marketing schemes being designed by high budget companies that instead of investing in R&D they invest in marketing and come up with nothing new like Canon did.

Make all of these peeps reporting "problems" post proof they actually own a camera before taking anything they say seriously.

Ken Donatemewell and similar get TENS OF THOUSANDS dollars to sometimes sway the public opinion in a certain direction, he is a lobbyst, like most of the posters on this board are.

I'm sick of this marketing driven world, all moral values went to the s-hole, all boils down to money.

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