there used to be a time

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Re: there used to be a time

I think you'll find that it's just a very difficult task.

Lead times on components have gone out significantly since the financial crash in 2008 with manufacturers and those in the supply chain running far lower stock levels. This exposes product manufacturers to the 'real' lead time on components.

In order to plan a global release you have to have a very good picture of prospective sales volumes 12 months out. Over estimates of sales volume are very costly, under estimates don't hit you directly in the same way.

For example how would you have estimated sales of G5 a year ago as apposed to now? - I'm pretty sure the EM5 will have had a significant impact.

Keeping demand just behind sales is also a good way of retaining higher margins and stokes demand further although I think this is probably more of a side benefit and the manufacturers are primarily trying to mitigate risk.

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