580ex PC Sync Cable same as 580ex II?

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Re: 580ex PC Sync Cable same as 580ex II?

Yes, that would do it and is the simple way. The more complex way would be with a wireless transmitter connected to the meter, and a receiver with the appropriate cable on it connected to the camera. This would come in handy if you have a great distance between the flash and the meter.

Also, you can replace the foot on the flash:

Don't know why that spot on the flash did not get a pc connector on the 580!


I wanted to take my Sekonic L-308s light meter and plug it into the flash in order to trigger it via the light meter to take a reading. So I guess it would now be

Light Meter --> PC Sync Cable --> Adapter --> Flash

Unless I'm doing something wrong or theres a better way you'd suggest to get a reading.

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