Former Canon user, the D800 experience (no cat)

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Former Canon user, the D800 experience (no cat)

Well, my camera finally arrived. Ordered early April. I've never even held a Nikon DSLR before. 10 years of using Canons (10D, 1d2 and 550D). Two if which I still have BTW. Foot in both camps for a while anyway.

I charged the battery, mounted a Sigma 150 2.8 OS and jumped right in. Haven't even glanced at the manual yet. Figuring things out is half the fun!

Impressions/dumb newbie questions:

Ergonomics. It's different from the Canon way but generally sensible and logical. Except front wheel is far too close to power switch. Already turned the camera off half a dozen times when intending to change aperture.

AE-L. Is there a way to get this to act like * in Canon land? Something like 'press once, that meters and holds that metering until a set timeout'. I often meter off a highlight, recompose and then focus.

Exposure compensation. Guess I'll get used to it. Viewfinder graphic is a bit weedy for something so important.

Out of the box changing ISO is fiddly and requires two hands.

Like the customisable function buttons round the lens mount (maybe help with ISO - need to experiment more).

I don't like the strap.

Haven't tried MFA or tested for left focus issues yet (widest/fastest in my initial kit is the 50 1.8). I've driven myself crazy enough reading this forum for the last four months!

The 150 macro did hunt badly and often failed to focus when I tried the left-most point. Right was better but neither anything like as good as the centre.

I use aperture priority. Something funny is going on opening up the aperture on the lens. Sometimes I can get it to show the advertised 2.8, others the maximum is F3 or 3.2. Lens specific peculiarity or something else going on here?

Oh, a large 100% crop follows. From JPEG fine, ISO 400. Minimal PP in LR2. Lens was also nearly wide open. Taking all of that into account I'm very pleased. Use RAW, stop down a bit in brighter light and it should be very nice.

Less impressed so far with the 24-120 but expected that.

(EDIT: bah!, dpr forum only allows a 1600 wide scaled crop. The original is sharper)


Canon EOS 550D (EOS Rebel T2i / EOS Kiss X4) Canon EOS-1D Nikon D800
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