Forster, NSW Beaches with 12-60

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Re: Original photos here.

OvinceZ wrote:

The originals have way too much noise. I set the camera at vivid and -1/3 EC. The photos were too dark. It took a few goes editing the photos to look like I remember the scenes. In the end they were probably too processed.

I will stick with my 5DIIs for seascapes in the future.


It is easier to be a photographer from a chair, but.....

I've took a look at originals, and IMHO you should approach shooting with E-M5 a bit different than shooting with FF camera.

In most of the cases, you don't need to close down to f/11 on m43 cameras (as you would on FF cameras). For landscape shots f/6.3 is a sweet spot most of the time and it will give you a plenty of DoF.

Also, somehow your shutter speed went to 1/4000s, which might be an overkill for shooting waves.

And of top of that, center weighted metering on E-M5 works much better than on 5D mkII. If you are in doubt, use live histograms (but first make sure that you have correct WB).

My point is that instead of shooting underexposed photo at ISO-800, you could have correctly exposed photo at ISO-200. It would make a significant difference on any camera - including E-M5 and 5D mkII.

I hope this helps.

But, regardless of all of that, you've been on a great place at the right time. Photos have potential, and with some PP you might be happy with the final result.

If nothing else, those photos make me want to move and live there.

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