General question about lens hoods with lens filters

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Re: General question about lens hoods with lens filters


No, you don't need the lens hood or filter to get good sunrise/sunset photos. A lot of it is about the right 'timing' and the exposure you use.

My method would be to expose on an area above the sun - don't have the sun in the frame for exposing or you are going to end up with a nice sun and everything else in silhouette. However, this is just a guideline as you are going to have to take into account everything in 'your' scene/landscape/environment/quality of light, etc.

The best colours are usually after the sun has disappeared, or before it appears.

Try exposing manually and making adjustments to the exposure.

Shoot in raw too as you have better options to recover some detail in the shadows when you take the photo into your 'darkroom' software.



HEA-45 wrote:

In my endless search for good technique, does anyone know if both a graduated filter and a lens hood are necessary for dawn and sunrise photographs? I use my Lee graduated filter set constantly for those shots, but I seldom use a lens hood. Why? Because the filter holder does not readily attach to lens hoods.

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