12-35m. Or 2x primes

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Re: 12-35m. Or 2x primes

dannat wrote:

I am lazy so like the idea of the 12-35mm zoom, it would pair with my 45-175 nicely & mean I only carry 2 lenses with me. The IS seems a big plus cos if I go walking I rarely take a tripod, the weather sealing seems a bonus- I also have some 58mm filters to use with it.

Sounds like you want the 12 - 35 zoom.

Alternatively I could get the 12/2 OLY & prob pana 25/1.4 (if OLY doesn't release a cheaper 17-25/whatever at photokina. These 2 would handle the night shots better but I have the inconvenience of Walking with 2 lenses that I need to put in a pocket or change in the field-which at night is a right pain in the near dark.
I also have no existing filters for these lens sizes, uv or polariser

Soulds like you really want the 12 - 35 zoom.

Should I get the 12-35 & be happy it should be good at everything, or would you get the rimes which are great at low light, but lack IS & need changing.

The 12 - 35 is a good lens, if you prefer the convienence of zooms this lens will not dissapoint. I too thought about buying a couple of primes but glad I got the 12 - 35 , its a quality lens and I like the convienence of a zoom.

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