What lens do I need?

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Don't miss your point.

The question is not "what lens will cover the same range" but "what lens will cover my photographic needs".

I've been in the same place few years ago, coming from a bridge camera sony H2, big zoom range. After few years of DSLR photography I know perfectly what my needs are and what's they're not.

To sum up: what do you shoot the most? Macro? Portraits? Wild life? Architecture and landscapes? Answer those questions and we will guide you. I think that an all-around lens is not the best way to learn photography (others might disagree).

For instance: I currently own 14-54mm, 50ZD (semi-macro and portrait) and 40-150mm. Most of my pictures com from the 50mm and 14-54mm. Maybe 1 or 2% of the 40-150mm. I'm not a tele-lens shooter. But I do miss a wide angle lens. That why I know that when I'll jump to micro4/3 I'll need the 14-42mm, the 45mm and the 9-12mm lens and that's it.

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