"Magical" colors: is 5D3 closer to 5D than 5D2 was?

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doubt it since the CFA array is even more color blind

allow perhaps it could be much more color blind in some areas while less in some others than might matter for certain subjects?

or maybe they are shooting with AWB and tricked by that?

i do notice in cam jpgs default to boosting saturation compared to the 5D2 for same settings so that might be tricking people perhaps

if they use ACR for all you know the defualt profile adobe cooked up for 5D3 is nicer than the one they made for 5D2 even if the RAW file is no better or even worse, who knows

it's tricky to say you'd need a complex test

Press Correspondent wrote:

I just came back from Siberia where a local pro told me this story. At first, wedding photographers there used 5D. When 5D2 was released, many switched to it, but got disappointed with its colors compared to 5D and switched back. Most of them still use 5D for better colors compared to 5D2.

5D3 is not yet widely available there, but the rumor among these guys is that the colors of 5D3 are closer to 5D than the colors of 5D2 were. Is this true? Is the "magic" of 5D back after skipping a generation? Or is this just a wishful thinking and the "magical" colors of old good large photocells are gone for good in the mist of time?

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