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Re: Off-camera cord for Oly

Anthony Curcione wrote:

So I read somewhere on these boards that one could use Canon OCF cords for Oly flashes and this was half true. Canon OCF cord will fire Oly flashes even in TTL... But don't expect to be able to be able to control one flash (600R) via the cable to RC another flash (50R) wirelessly. I can't explain why...

This should work provided that:

  1. The cable has good connections on the 3 connectors used by Olympus and

  2. The beam of light from the master-Flash's (Connected to the Cable) Flash Head is visible to the sensor on the slave-Flash and

  3. The slave-Flash has been properly set for remote-TTL operation and

  4. The slave-Flash has the front of its body rotated to point/aim the slave-sensor at the master-Flash; the Flash Head itself is positioned where needed.

The slave-Flash's sensor has to 'see' a series of 'pre-flashes' and the actual flash emitted by the master-Flash .

An inexpensive Digital Multimeter will allow you the check the cable. Harbor Freight sells one for US $4.99.

Let us know what your problem was.

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