Crazy FoCal readings on d3s @ number of different lenses...

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Re: Odd 105mm VRII results inFoCal.

Hi Mac,

I noticed the looping issue too, looks like it happens when the software thinks it needs to go outside of the -20 + 20 range...

GMack wrote:

Did my two-week checkout (again) to see how this stuff is fairing. My "field checks" were a bit different so a re-check was in order.

My 105mm VRII went from a -14 to a +7 now in that time span. Odd?

The more odd part is it took a bunch of shots to settle into some some of final tuning number over the other lenses in the bag. Quite a few actually.


So I decided to 'help' the lens focus by moving the focus to the infinity side between each shot and repeated the test below which was smoother and didn't take so many shots (Killed battery off too).

The odd part of this is the first shot is so far different than the other in the same -10 column within the gold rectangle. I've also noted it might take me two or three presses of the shutter button for that lens to snap into focus as well. Moving the distance range switch on the lens helps in acquisition speed though.

This was also a store 'demo' (who knows?) lens and the barrel may be tight and might be part of the issue why it spins off so far between shots before finally making up its mind. Don't know why it changed from a -14 two weeks ago to a +7 now either. That's a bunch. Does take quite a few presses of the button to get it where it should be too for whatever reason.

Only other one that sort of surprised me was my 70-200mm VRII moved off the -20 wall down to a -10 now and well within the tuning menu through its range. My rough field check showed it need less than the -20 recommended so I shifted down to around a -14 for use. Actually, all lenses I have are within the -20 to +20 now in FoCal. Go figger. I suspect the VR is parking in some different spot when switched off each time to do this, but don't know.

I don't recall which version of FoCal was used on 7-23 when I last did this stuff (This is the most current version 1.5.1 (Pro), although I did spot a two bugs in it too and reported them both: Some 'looping' in the "Info: - -" window that requires a TM forced program shutdown, and another where it wanted me to "Set the AF Tuning to -24" (??) It cannot go that far, max. is only a -20. Wish I could go to -24 at times with the flash and the red assist light.

None of 17 focal lengths re-tested were zero. So much for perfection.

Another version may report different numbers in two more weeks if it is upgraded again. Dunno.


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