D800 - cannot get sharp images even in macro on non moving targets

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Re: D800 - cannot get sharp images even in macro on non moving targets

Hi Phil...
There are a lot of things (variables) to consider here.

In the post you first complained of this... The OP was shooting f/13 not f/3. But, also, the OP was using flash. This helps a LOT with handheld macro.

I think it would be helpful for us to see some of the pictures that didn't come out. That can help us figure what specifically happened.

If your other cameras are older, smaller sensor cameras, then you may be finding the DOF to be too narrow to get all what you'd like in focus. Thus, you have to be much more careful nailing focus.

With the D800, your technique, if sloppy, could lead to disaster. If you are on a tripod, make sure the VR on your macro lens is turned off. Use a cable release. Manually focus. mirror lock-up even may improve things.
Make sure that you apply appropriate sharpening in PP.

Again, I think that seeing some of the problem images can help us figure out what is going on. The fact that you get some images in focus makes me thing it is a technique issue rather than something wrong with your setup.

EDIT- in looking at your posted image, it is focused behind the eyes of the subject. If this was focused manually, you missed. If you used auto-focus, forget it. It can't pick the specific detail out that you are looking for. At f/6.3 on FF camera and macro distances, you aren't going to have that whole bug in focus.

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