Why I think the TG-1 is the best outdoor compact - even for video

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Re: Why I think the TG-1 is the best outdoor compact - even for video

alexzn wrote:

Gee, such strong opinions here... I'll add my 0.02c. Most people use their camera in places that don't require a waterproof P/S, or they just as easily can get by with a non-waterproof P/S. In those cases the tradeoff on image quality you get with the current waterproofs may not be worth it. And if you care enough about your UW pictures to spend money on them, you can get a housing (or a housing for your DSLR if you care that much). Somehow, the diving community is always excited about cameras such as XZ-1, S100, or the new RX100 and almost never about the "toughs", probably because of the comparatively lousy IQ from the said "toughs". I wish some people were not so defensive about their purchases, its their money everyone makes a choice that suits their particular situation. It's all fine as long as you understand the compromises and are realistic about their requirements. It's ridiculous to buy a waterproof camera because you occasionally shoot in a drizzle, or take your camera skiing. But if you regularly sail, kayak, or surf, then a waterproof is a great choice. I just wish the next generation of those "toughs" uses better lenses and bigger sensors.

Hey man there are many reasons to own a tough camera. For instance when I cycle I'm riding long distances going down hills very fast. I had one of those quality little p/s cameras which didn't survive a crash so not only am I scraped up but I'm out 500.00 bucks. Try dropping your XZ-1 next time you're on the trail or pull it out in a freezing snow or downpour that's my lifestyle. Maybe when your kids are in the pool splashing water all over the place you can test the XZ-1's ability to get soaked. Even my DSLR can go in the shower but it's just too big for certain activities. Oh yeah go shoot some 3D photos with the XZ-1. The TG-1 can do that and they are amazing on a 3D TV. It's all just fun with this camera and the kids love retrieving it from the bottom of the pool. Oh yeah some of the best pictures I've taken have been with p/s cameras with less IQ than the TG-1 and they've hung in galleries in juried exhibits. In the end it's not really about the technical quality it's about the art of photography and sometimes just the fun of it. The TG-1 is all about the fun of photography a lot like my cyclocross bike which I can ride on the road or take down a trail.

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