TG-1 is a sales failure

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Re: Some thoughts...

Gil, you are absolutely right, there are situations where TG-1 works best, kayaking and sailing are some of the best examples, so, I am totally with you here. I indeed have been lucky with taking non-waterproofs into the active outdoors, but I think about what I do and I am relatively careful with them, so point well taken.

I, as you may have noticed, have two issues. First, most people are not like you, and they think they need a waterproof camera when they see a first raindrop. You've seen those guys I am sure, probably there same people who carry their DSLR in a double-zippered over-padded LowePro bags. I seriously doubt any of them surf or sail on a regular basis. Second, the TG-1 is marketed as the camera that delivers superior IQ, the flagship waterproof without much IQ compromise. That is flatly not true based on my own quick test, which is unfortunate. I'd like to see a camera that delivers XZ-1 level IQ in a "tough" package. I would buy it yesterday.

As for the IQ tradeoffs, the situation is very fluid right now. I am so far very impressed with what I see from Sony RX100, it its the first compact that may just make consumer DSLRs with kit zooms obsolete, the IQ is that close. My APS-C camera with a prime lens is still better, but only a couple of stops, which is pretty astonishing given the size difference. So, if you put RX100 in a waterproof housing (which sadly does not exist yet), you may still end up with a bulky but manageable tool for diving and kayaking. Surfing or sailing will still be out of the question of course, but you can hike and ski with it sans housing, and get great pictures. Its about tradeoffs. Honestly, if Sony takes the RX100 sensor, puts a prime 35mm lens in front of it, and wraps it in a waterproof body, it will be my ultimate "tough".

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