Goodbye NEX7

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Re: Goodbye NEX7

I found NEX-7 great, noise levels and everything. Sad to see you leave, but I guess mirrorless isn't for you. Some people will always prefer the handling of DSLRs.


DJF77 wrote:

Sold & replaced with a Nikon D7000

I tried to love my NEX7 but was just not quite happy with the image quality of those BIG files, noise does seem to creep in very early & the noise in the RAW files is just to much for my liking.

The body I found almost frustrating for my big hands & the camera top heavy with the tamron 18-200. if Sony made a slightly bigger body with a 5n sensor & high quality standard zoom my head maybe turned again, credit to Sony for innovation though there are lots of positives about the camera - I hope Sony put some weight into producing decent emount lenses in the future because they are lacking at present.

The price seems to be plummeting on NEX7 body's here in the uk, so there are bargains to be had!

Going back to TTL view is a joy again

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