RX100s everywhere

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mogando668 Regular Member • Posts: 128
Re: RX100s everywhere

Count me in too. The last time i used a Sony camera was a big fat p&s back in early 2000's.

currently own a pocket company Canon SD800, mirrorless Oly PL-2, and big fat Nikon D700 FX DSLR

Just bought the RX100 online. It pretty much combines the best of my Canon and my Oly - can't really ask for more (except a price discount =p)

trale wrote:

Not Sony folks.

Plenty of shooters of other brands of picking this up and as a result posting in this forum now. Case in point:
How many new member to this forum because of RX100? (Myself included)

It is far from free. But there are plenty of people (regardless of brand loyalty) who wants the best camera one can slip in their pockets, and are willing to pay a premium for it.

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