TG-1 is a sales failure

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Re: Some thoughts...

Hello Alex,

I have a question regarding "no issues with weather resistance, or with shock resistance" using the XZ-1 outdoor.

In proper conditions, I guess. Not too wet/not too windy/not too dirty/not too busy.

Unless you're a fan of russian roulette and have deep pockets to sponsor such a passion, I don't think you'd use it aboard a sea kayak, or while fishing (wet & dirty hands), or sailing (when waves get mean and you're also part of the crew).
Nor would you use it outside when snow falls, or let it drop on melting ice.
The list is long.

With the TG-1 you could.

I respect your statements but I noticed that you kept pounding at the TG-1 in the forums for reasons not quite related to its intended users.

The XZ-1 and the RX100 are indeed better in terms of results but you won't take them where the TG-1 can go. It is as simple as that.

The TG-1 is not for the casual outdoor fun, indeed. That would be overkill.

But there are some people - like me - who have - and enjoy - a daily confrontation with the elements.

I live by the seaside and spend allmost all of my spare time at sea.

I wouldn't trade my TG-1 for anything else - I have ruined quite a few compact cameras before it, including some "rugged" Panasonic which are obviously NOT intended for intensive use in a tough environment (I've killed 3 of them despite obsessive care).
The TG-1 is.

I also lost a LX5 as I was convinced like you that with proper care nothing would happen - and I am a very careful person, sometimes obsessive, but then you don't play with mother nature's power on a daily basis without being that way.

It lasted for a while, almost a year, day in day out. And then it died. All that was needed was a moment of inattention. A few seconds. Not enough time to put it back in its sealed pocket.

I bought another one - I just love it - but the one I'm carrying outdoor with me all the time is now the TG-1. The XZ-1 being in the same league as the LX5, I would think twice if I were you. The same goes for the Sony RX100. You have just been lucky so far.

There is a trade off, of course. But I can take pictures that I would otherwise never take. That is unvaluable to me. Besides the pics and the videos it makes are pretty good. Point & shoot is for capturing emotions, right? I do not care for professional quality pictures in such moments.

Talking about professional quality, A XZ-1 and a RX100 aren't worth peanuts when comparing them with a Nikon D4 DLSR, right? But you're still happy with the results of your XZ-1 or your RX100, I guess. I hope you are.
So please, do compare what is comparable.

The marginal quality gain of the ZX-1 or the RX100 isn't a valid argument when choosing a camera for true outdoor use.

Simply put, the TG-1 is a great camera for those it is intended for.
And it is not for you. Nothing wrong here.



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