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The best "by far" to develop D800E NEFs... highly recommended to all D800E owners... it will show the real difference between D800E and D800.... or any other DSLR for that matter, especially if you print.

When I saw the comparison in the D800E review, I noted the difference.

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Wait until you get "in to it"... you'll be amazed. The worst thing I find about reviews is that they tend to compare things "all been equal", but OTOH, nobody buys a camera to do this, everybody is trying to get the max. out of his/hers equipment, thus, comparisons should be made for the optimum result in each case...

That's the problem with the comparisons in the dpreview D800E review. They used the default settings for ACR and Capture One Pro 6. In this case, the C1P6 image looks much better than the ACR image.

So, I took the dpreivew NEF and brought it into Lightroom 4.1. I compared it with the full size JPEG from dpreview's C1P6 version and tweaked the NEF until I got as close to the C1P6 version as I could. It would be nice to see someone try getting the optimum out of C1P6 with the dpreview NEF.

All I could do was compare with the C1P6 defaults. Here are those results at 200%. The NEF on the left is the one modified in Lightroom 4.1.

Here are the settings I used. Someone with more skills could probably improve on these.

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From your pictures, the ones on the right are C1P6:

Note the wire-like thing running down near the pole.

Here note the twigs and tiny branches on the dark background.

To my eyes, the fine details on the C1P6 conversions seem to be a little more "correctly" detailed. Not in 200% (pixels distracting too much) but at 100% such details are more "finely depicted" with the C1P6.

I do not have LR4, did not upgrade my LR3. However this weekend I will spend some time with the 28/1.8G on the D800E (very sharp right into the corners @f5.6) with CNX2 and C1P6 conversions; I expect the differences would be revealed more. Yesterday I tried it only for a few shots and even the tonality was apparently different to notice, a little more saturated colors, better edge contrast, etc.

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