Storage/viewer for a trip to Yellowstone?

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Re: Storage/viewer for a trip to Yellowstone?

Just returned from an 11,0300 mile camping trip which included this area. I used a new 17/35, bought especially for this trip on my D700 almost exclusively, and a 80/400 w/ Kenko 1.4 extender on the D 80 period. Mostly everything else stayed in the bag. Wildlife was in somewhat short supply but that is the way it goes. The 600 never got out of the bag. When the 80/400 did come off the D80, it was just to use the 10MM, bought just for the trip, but not often. In the area you are concerned about it will be HOT -- We were gone two months, from June 1 to July 30-- had intended to stop at the Smokies for a week but cancelled due to the heat. Have a great time.
J. R.

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