FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

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Re: FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

It sold already, $440 buy it now option to a fella with excellent feedback. So now I have to wait for excellent reviews of the FZ200.

But if they blow it with the new sensor, lens etc, I will not hesitate to buy another FZ150 used or new. Amazing is the right word for it.

Only two things about the FZ200 peak my curiosity greatly. One the ability to get clearer shots zoomed in while at high shutter speeds, freezing those hummer wings, although the FZ150 does that to, but a bit dark even at +3 exposure 1/1000 sec in the garden nursery where I have access to see them.

The other is the 720p 120fps will capture butterfly movement very nicely and general body posture of hummers. But it will take the 640x480 220fps to really document the movements. I am a sculptor so I do need these things although I already have a great deal of source art.

The better viewfinder is not important to me because the FZ150s was already near flawless.

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