Lightning strikes twice

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Re: Tom Skilling says....

Hi Tom,

Since it's a lightning strike and travelling more than the speed of the wind you mentioned below, I think we can rule out the blurring as an issue... don't you think?


osage_archer wrote:

Well, we'll just have to disagree - it's a good image but hardly unique, as the image I posted taken through glass shows exactly the same thing - a reflection, nothing more and nothing less, off one surface of the pane of glass due to the extreme brightness of a lightning strike.

Any movement even with 70mph winds (a bit over 100 feet per second) would show as a blurred image at 1/60th of a second, just as when you take a long exposure nighttime image of car headlights or taillights - not two separate and distinct images that are the mirror image of one another but with one significantly dimmer. Your lightning image was certainly no closer than 1/4 mile or so and the separation shown between the brighter and dimmer image would still be dozens of feet. If it were the wind it could show no more than 1.5 feet of movement or so in 1/60th of a second - and it would show blurring and not two separate, distinct images.

efg40 wrote:

Post that response and see what he says about the channel moving dozens or hundreds of feet in a fraction of a second, and why their would be two distinct images and not a smeared image...

I understand your evidence and opinion, and yes, I disagree. The lightning was much closer than you think, I think, and the distance between lines not as great as you think. Also, gusts up to 70 mph accompanied this storm, so some strange phenomenon can happen in a sky full of charge.

No way in heck I'll be posting arguments with the kind Mr. Skilling.

Whatever it is, a most unusual sensor reflection or lightning drift caught in an unusual way by the camera, it's not something I've ever seen so I will just appreciate it's uniqueness either way.

efg40 wrote:

Well I decided I would ask the very best weather nerd in the world, Tom Skilling. I posted the picture to his wall on Facebook and this is his answer which is what I said, only the correct term for it...

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