TG-1 is a sales failure

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Re: TG-1 is a sales failure

As someone noted below, IQ is still lacking, compared to non-waterproof cameras.

It didn't make my cut, as I bought the TG820 for $120 less. And, I got a bit less IQ and capability for my money. And, I got one less access door that must remain waterproof.

The issue is that I (and many others, I think) do not believe that ANY of the waterproof cameras will remain waterproof as long as they should. So, we must limit the money spent.

It would be refreshing to see a camera that was so darned waterproof that it came with a serious and generous warranty. Maybe a camera with a sensor interlock that would go nuts with warnings, with an early leak detection system. And, then, no questions asked on a damage claim. Instant swap for a rebuild.

SOMETHING that would make us have confidence that our money is well-spent.

Jefftan wrote:

It confirm the belief that waterproof camera buyers are not willing to pay for quality. This failure will most likely mean a dream of a large sensor waterproof camera will never be fulfuilled

The market has spoke. They are not even willing to paid $370 for TG-1

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