Help needed - want to take honeymoon photos that don't stink!

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Help needed - want to take honeymoon photos that don't stink!

My fiancee and I picked up a nikon v1 earlier this year after years of P&S ownership. We have a full set of lenses to go with it (10, 10-30, 30-110), and the flash.

We've been saving up for years for a massive eurotrip for our upcoming honeymoon next month (munich, venice, florence, rome, monaco). I've been spending the last few months getting comfortable with the camera and while I'm great in the menus, am starting to get a bit of performance anxiety. Other than getting an extra battery which I plan to do, I don't think getting any additional kit will help me (ok, MAYBE the remote too).

I am well aware that no amount of kit can make a bad photographer good, and i'm confident based on the excellent shots in these forums that i have all the raw materials i need to capture this trip properly.

So...this thread is less solicitation for good photography advice, and more solicitation for good nikon v1 honeymoon photography advice.

Things i want to keep in mind, but would love a group opinion:

1) lens strategy: how about pancake for the up close/busy street stuff, prime for sightseeing, tele for trips and portraits? Or should i leave one of the lenses at home?

2) settings: I seem to spend most of my sessions fiddling with menus and controls and not shooting enough, which is a dealbreaker for this trip. Anyone find optimal ISO/shutter settings with the V1 where I don't need to ignore my fiancee or spend all my time trying to capture that perfect moment, or should I leave it in manual and do final adjustments before every shot? I feel like less will be more here.

3) low light photos: I'm terrible at night cityscapes which is certainly a problem for this trip - they are either washed out, blurry, or both. any pointers for getting the most out of the V1? should i invest in a mini tripod and pack it with me?

Any other tips or pointers would be appreciated. I'm by no means a pro, but will be sure to post a few of the best ones from my trip when we get back.

thanks in advance!!!

Nikon 1 V1
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