Lightning strikes twice

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Re: Tom Skilling says....

Obviously you're going to believe what you want to believe. But regardless of the "expert" opinion, in the 1/60 or 1/20 of a second during which the pictures were taken, the lightning channel is NOT going to be moved dozens or hundreds of feet by the wind - if the wind blew at 60 mph, that's 88 feet per second, so in 1/60th of a second it would move less than 1.5 feet. Both our photos show MUCH more movement than that. Plus as I said along EVERY point at the SAME distance and angle, the dim line is in the same relation to the bright line - the wind blowing exactly the same along the whole path? And if it were moving, would not the image be smeared instead of two distinct images?

Post that response and see what he says about the channel moving dozens or hundreds of feet in a fraction of a second, and why their would be two distinct images and not a smeared image...

Here is a page that actually does show some lightning channel drift:

efg40 wrote:

Well I decided I would ask the very best weather nerd in the world, Tom Skilling. I posted the picture to his wall on Facebook and this is his answer which is what I said, only the correct term for it...

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