Just tried out my new 9-18mm

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Re: Just tried out my new 9-18mm

If you're new to wide angle photography, be mindful of the challenge that wide angle shooting represents. The problem is that while you can get everything in, you often get so much in that the photo isn't particularly interesting. I've found making strong compositions pretty tough at the wider end of the 9-18 (the 9-11mm or so range, really). It is a lot of fun to figure out how to get a strong composition at the wide end, but it's not easy (hint: getting as close as possible to the foreground helps).

I've found that for my photography that I rarely (if ever) need anything wider than what the 9-18 gives me, but that extra 4mm on the zoom end is useful enough that don't need to bring the kit zoom along to get a wide-normal view.

The easiest way to find out if you need the wider angle of view that the 7-14 offers is to rent it, use it for a several shoots, and see how often you use the 7-9mm range end of the lens.

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