RX100: What Did Sony Leave Out to Put 20 MP In?

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Re: RX100: What Did Sony Leave Out to Put 20 MP In?

Walt Bilofsky wrote:

What could have been improved on the RX100 if Sony had used a smaller 12 or 16 megapixel sensor with the same pixel density?

Wider or longer lens? Better image quality? Smaller body?

Every camera design is an exercise in tradeoffs. But 20 MP seems more than needed, even for an interchangeable lens camera, let alone a pocketable one.

Did Sony sell out more important features to play the megapixel marketing game?

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The raison d'etre for the RX100 is to be a large sensor compact camera, much like the Canon G1X or the Fuji X100. So long as the sensor is of that size, you cannot change the lens characteristics or the size of the body. As for image quality - this is in the eye of the beholder but discussions ad infinitum on the NEX-5n vs NEX-7 for image quality argues that you can make a case for both.

Based on the design characteristics of the RX100, I see little that could have been gained by reducing the sensor density while retaining the sensor size.

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