Lightning strikes twice

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Re: Original (almost) and crop

But the line DOES exactly follow! There is a one-to-one correspondence between any and every point on the bright line and the dim line, at the same distance and angle on the photo. The dim line is clearly a reflection perhaps on an element of the lens. In the pictures I have taken it is clearly a reflection off the pane of glass which has two surfaces that can reflect light.

Besides, as I said, the idea that somehow during a lightning strike there is a much dimmer and weaker bolt that exactly follows the path of the bright bolt at the same time but is displaced in space by dozens or hundreds of feet to the left or right, is not known to science at one has ever documented this or explained this - because it does not happen.

efg40 wrote:

I'm still thinking lightning movement myself. I see it all the time, where it strikes and moves at the same time.

Here's another extreme crop from an area near the top, where the line does not exactly follow. I did extreme levels on it to show it better...

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