Why not always shoot wide open with m4/3s?

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Re: Why not always shoot wide open with m4/3s?


mpgxsvcd wrote:

Not at all. I think this shot was taken in Full manual mode. I think he selected ISO 3200 because he was indoors. I think he selected F5.6 because he thought that F2.8 would be too shallow a depth of field since he was coming from Full frame.

I would have shot this in Shutter Priority with Auto ISO and the same shutter speed he selected. The camera would have chosen F2.8 and ISO 800.

Granted that the lens he used is an unreleased and untested lens. However, if it is similar to all other Panasonic lenses it will be plenty sharp at F2.8.

peevee1 wrote:

You think the camera went up to ISO 3200 while closing aperture 2 stops? Very unlikely, unless it's firmware is broken.

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