flat terminal Elite 2000 cells and Metz 58 AF-2

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flat terminal Elite 2000 cells and Metz 58 AF-2


I just bought this flash and got a bunch of Elite 2000 batteries.

These are flat top and unfortunately don't fit the metz AA compartment.

The + terminals in the compartment's door have little protruding plastic pegs which forbid contact with a flat top + terminal. I trimmed those down to allow for contact. That worked just fine but the other 2 cells' + still don't make contact on the other end, inside the compartment.

Those contacts are different, they're like a angled springy metal blade but have a sleeve over them with a cutout to allow for a protruding + terminal to fit and make contact.

The trouble is, far inside the compartment they're not very accessible for modification.

I was probably a little too quick butchering the battery door, now I'm looking for a solution for the other terminals.

  • Raising the + terminals of half my batteries with a goop of solder might do the trick but then I'll probably have trouble recharging them with their non standard length.

  • disassembly is probably the best option but I don't have torx screwdrivers at this time so I'm still not sure it'll help reaching the bottom of the compartment.

  • this flash is equipped with an external power supply socket. I guess I could mount the batteries in a box on my flash bracket and connect that to the flash but it's not very elegant.

Has anyone faced and overcome a similar situation? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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