Panny GF3 W/ 14mm lens (Any Good?)

Started Aug 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jolieteddie New Member • Posts: 13
Re: Panny GF3 W/ 14mm lens (Any Good?)

I've had my GF3 since April and love the little beast. For the price, it performs very well. The kit lens plus the 45-200 are good enough for me so far. The 52mm filter size allowed me to use the CP filter from my Nikon dslr lenses. It's a fun to use and the overall image quality is great. I shoot RAW+JPEG and I think that the RAW images out of this camera are better than what my Nikon D60 gives me. The JPEGs out of this camera are excellent.

Noise at high ISO is noticeable, but controllable depending on the shot.

The small size and lightweight led me to pull out my old Meade ETX90 telescope and to buy the M3/4 T-ring adapter. Got some nice shots of the moon the other night and will try again.

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