Used my E-PL1 & 14-42mm II MSC in Ozark Mountains (Shots)

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Used my E-PL1 & 14-42mm II MSC in Ozark Mountains (Shots)

2 weeks ago I went on vacation in northern ARK in the Ozark Mountains, specifically because I like to take nice-looking landscape photographs but have been in something of a "drought" lately with that.

I took my Nikon D5100 and 18-105mm VR, my best gear, but I also took my Olympus E-PL1, 14-42mm II MSC and, as luck would have it, a 37mm CPL polarizing filter (great for usage with landscapes, it really helps enrich the scene) which I ordered arrived the day we left, so I got to use it to. (I also got a UV filter, too.) I also used a hot-shoe "bubble level" to help keep the landscapes level.

I must say--I've had this camera for sometime, but it continues to impress me with what it's capable of. Moreover, I really found it a joy to use, even outdoors in the bright sun. In fact, in someways, I preferred using it vs my D5100 because of how it was easier to keep my eye on the bubble-level (in recent years I've really struggled to keep my horizons level, why I don't know) while also looking at the screen to compose, vs swapping between peeping in the viewfinder vs looking at the bubble-level with the DSLR. Don't get me wrong, the D5100 is my best camera & I really enjoyed using it too, but the E-PL1 really surprised me with what it was capable of.

And yes, I just love how it processes its JPEGs. With some of the shots, I shot in RAW+Superfine/Large JPEG (rsf), but many of them I didn't bother with the RAW & just shot a Superfine-Large JPEG (sf).

Some shots, all of them "straight" (I'm sure they could be improved with post-processing, but out-of-camera boy it sure does well):

(1) 20120727_125431_rsf_epl1

(2) 20120723_114318_rsf_epl1

(3) 20120726_120847_sf_epl1

(4) 20120727_142303_sf_epl1

(5) My favorite one (I call it "the mother of ALL shots") 20120723_163248_rsf_epl1

I can't believe you can now get this camera, with a lens, for about $185 (I got mine for $210 last February then sold the "original" kit lens & updated to the 2nd version, at minimal cost). 9 years ago that's what I paid for a 2 megapixel point & shoot with a 1.5" screen & it could only do snaps on a good day. Got to LOVE technology.

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