NEW SR5 Rumor! 30mm f1.8!

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Re: NEW SR5 Rumor! 30mm f1.8!

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

While the 30mm (macro) and 50mm/1.8 are probably close adaptations of A-mount lenses for E-mount,

I doubt th 50mm is an adaptation of an A-mount lens: first the flange distance is dramaticly different, second there is OSS in the lens, third the focus system is different next the 1.8 A-mount lens has 6 elements in 5 groups, the E-mount 9 elements in 8 groups and last the build quality is different. Do how close can it be?

it is possible that Sony might design the standard prime (35mm) for compactness. And if it is a fast lens, there may not be a need for OSS which could help trim the size. I think Sony will stick with 49mm filter for its 35mm/1.8 (it is 55mm for A-mount version) which may help cut the diameter by 8mm (down from 70mm to 62mm, as is also true of other E-mount lenses).

The rumors make this part right, the new lens might be as compact as the Sigma lenses...

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