Macro add-ons for the Canon 100 2.8(non-IS)

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Re: Macro add-ons for the Canon 100 2.8(non-IS)

Gautam Majumdar wrote:

Kenco has a very good set of ETs, 36, 20 & 12 mm long which can be used singly or in combination. Canon's ETs are much more costly but provides no real advantage. Advantage of ETs is that there is no additional glass, so the image quality is not degraded. Longer the extension, more is the magnification, more is the light loss and shorter is the minimum working distance. AF usually works with ETs though may not be important. AF will slow down with longer extension though.

Front attached close-up lenses are convenient as they can be attached & taken off very quickly. Canon has two of them 250D & 500D. 500D will be more suitable for 100mm lens. Raynox 150 & 250 are of almost equal quality to Canon's offerings & are much cheaper. Raynox 150 would be convenient for 100mm lens. Another advantage of Raynox is that the close-up lens can be attached to lens thread 52 to 67 mm without step up/down rings. There is no light loss but minimum working distance will be reduced. These are essentially magnifying glasses and some loss of image quality may occur though in practice I have not noticed any either with Canon or Raynox lenses. AF usually works with close-up lenses.

Lastly, the TCs. They will magnify the image and the magnification is the same as the strength of the TC. Canon & Sigma TCs (extender - in Canon speak) won't fit the 100mm macro but Kenco has very good TCs which will fit. There are several models and the costlier ones are better for image quality. However, some loss of image quality is expected. There will be light loss (1 stop with 1.4x & 2 stops with 2x) but minimum working distance will remain the same. AF will work with 1.4x TC albeit a bit slowly but may not work with 2x TC (even though the effective minimum aperture is 5.6 & theoretically AF should work).

Thank you. This is very informative. I'm going to look into the ETs & front attached close-up lenses. I actually have the Kenco 1.4 extender, but never tried it with this lens. Loss of aperture with macro is not a problem. Can the front attached lenses be used in conjunction with the extender & does anyone do this?

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