Help! I have to get a lens for a 5D mark ii for school

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Re: Help! I have to get a lens for a 5D mark ii for school

Obviously the instructor of the course is not interested in the students purchasing a fast lens and is placing the emphasis on a range of specific focal lengths for some reason. The OP's question was indeed quite clear in asking what lens would be equivalent to the 15-85 EF-S lens on a full frame camera because she would like to comply with the request of the instructor as much as possible. Even though the 5D Mark II has been replaced by the Mark III, it will serve her quite well for the course and well beyond. It is an exceptional camera that can produce stellar images in the hands of a knowledgeable photographer. It will not stop doing so at the end of the course in two years or just because there is a newer model available and at its present price, is a good bargain. While the 24-105 is not the equivalent of the 135 mm 15-85 EF-S (24-135 in FF) the ability to crop the images from a FF sensor more than compensates for this shortfall. The combination of the Mark II and 24-105 f/4L, if she can afford it, has been and still is the workhorse for many. If I could afford it, I for one would be thrilled to have such a capable kit to learn and work with. While many of the opinions here are valid for various reasons they do not quite answer the important question of what FF body lens is equivalent to the instructors recommendation for the course. My only reservation would be is if the instructor plans on using some of the scene modes and on-board flash on the 60D during the course, they will not be available on the 5DII.

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